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What do I think of the Xbone? Well, I don't have one, so I guess I'll take The Jovenshire's word for it.


We all know the 360 has the best controller ever. What about the new one? 7 words.
Xbone c

The Xbox One Controller

If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

The new controller is AMAZING! The triggers now have built in rumble sensors, set to have different settings of intensity. The d-pad and left/right sticks are even better too. D-pad is more precise now, and the sticks move better.


We all, and I repeat, ALL, hated the 360 kinect.
Xbone k

The Xbox One Kinect

 It sucked ass. Now you can use it in smaller spaces, it has a 1080p HD camera, and we don't have to do all the waving crap. It's so awesome. And even though it must always be plugged in for the console to operate, you can shut it off COMPLETELY. THANK YOU, MICROSOFT.

Xbox Live

New followers system like Twitter. Not a big fan of that, but now achievements are constantly updated on games. I'm pretty sure you'll hate me for this, but I am an achievement addict. And now, achievements are getting better! Just now you can only get them when the console is connected to the internet. Sorry, internet lacking people.

New Capabilities

Insane graphics, multitasking, gameplay recording, awesome games like Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3, what else do you need? *Oh yeah, I also want a coffee machine built in.* Exactly. Xbone makes YouTube recording so much easier with in game auto-recording. (Now if only I can get an Xbone, I need to start uploading(My YT account is The Wither Spartan))


Xbox One is the greatest console to hit the world since the 360. Bravo Microsoft, bravo.

Online 95/100: Amazing
Controller 100/100: Perfection
Fun Factor 90/100: Awesome
Exclusive Capabilities 100/100: Perfection
Functioning 85/100: Great

94/100: Amazing

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